What does it really take to execute a profitable campaign on Facebook ?

There is a barrier to entry into the world of profitable Facebook advertising, but that should never discourage someone who is serious about making Facebook ads work for them, because once you cross that barrier, the rewards are more than worth it.

Over the past 4 years, we’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars into the best education and information available, and more importantly, we’ve managed hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaigns in order to develop, test and refine the system we deliver for you.


Discover our approach to reliably and systematically executing a campaign that delivers leads and sales, by taking full advantage of the powerful features available on the Facebook advertising platform.

It eliminates much of the risk of developing a campaign, by using a systematic split testing process, and is probably the safest way to ensure a campaign is successful.

When put together, these steps can fill your pipeline with high value leads, put you in touch with your dream clients and ultimately add millions of revenues to your business.



Research & Account Set Up

Once you’ve decided to come on board with us as a private client. We will immediately send you our onboarding document to gather your basic information and get you set up. We'll then have an onboarding call to make sure we have everything we need to get you the best results.

The main purpose of the first stage is to dig deep into researching your market and product/service. All successful campaigns have a few things in common and one of those things is that they are built from the ground up with a solid understanding of the market. We take the research process seriously as it literally is the foundation your campaign will rest on. Advertisers who skip this step, guess at how to communicate with the market, set up the campaign, and what to test with an extremely low chance of success... and unfortunately ROI suffers accordingly. We refuse to do this and take that unnecessary risks with our client's funds. Constantly running Facebook Advertising campaigns for our business we understand how it feels to spend our own money on ads. During this week we will look at competitors, search traffic, blog posts, Facebook data, and more to build the exact map to success that you’re business needs for a profitable campaign. At the end of the stage, you’ll receive a short PDF update detailing the highlights of the research as we proceed to stage 2.


Campaign Development & Install

Stage two is very simple. It is where we take everything we’ve learned from the research phase and turn into a real physical campaign we can run. This process includes…
WRITING ADVERTISEMENTS - Using research and market data w/ professional copywriting.
DESIGNING CREATIVES - Carefully select and modified imagery to attract attention.
INSTALLING THE CAMPAIGN - Anywhere from 50-150 initial and variations to reduce risk.
BUILDING LANDING PAGES - Professionally designed web pages that focus on conversion.
LINKING CRM AND SOFTWARE - Follow up and tracking to increase the campaign ROI. We will install the campaign, set up your advertising account, and test everything before we go live.



Audience Testing

Stage three is where we start running ads. The focus of our testing at this stage is finding out WHO the most cost-effective and most profitable people are that we can display your ads to. Using the information from our research we will test anywhere from 25-50 different audiences with multiple ad variations inside of each one. This massively reduces risk by diversifying your ad spend investment. In this stage, you’ll start to see leads coming as well as the data that will help us optimize for stage four. Using our own methodologies, we generate multiple different types of audience variations that ensure the ideal possible targeting is discovered. At the end of this stage, we will roll the highest performing audiences into one audience that we call your “Concentrated Audience”.


Message Testing

Once we’ve identified the ideal audience for your campaign we move into week four’s messaging testing. We now take your Concentrated Audience and generate a strategically designed test to determine the ideal message to use in your ad. This test is designed to systematically determine which one of our over twenty-five, different powerful marketing angles will work best for you specifically. This testing of the message will help qualify prospects, position your company, and reduce cost per lead. At the end of this testing phase, you will have the ideal audience for your ads and the ideal message to send to them to convince them to move forward and become a lead or purchase.



Imagery Testing

Consider two defferent images, one of them generates leads for $8.43 and the other for under $1! What if you didn’t test your images thoroughly and only ran the higher priced ad? We’ve found that the majority of ads perform poorly or below average. That’s why we strategically and broadly test intelligent options to find the ideal audiences, messages, and images for your campaign.


Demographic Testing

Now that we’ve identified the ideal audience, ideal message, and an ideal image for your campaign we want to isolate your core demographic. This process produces your ideal campaign. Your core demographic is the smaller sub-section of your audience that produces the majority of results. For example, if your campaign targets an audience of men and women from the ages of twenty-five to sixty-five. Chances are that the majority of your results are coming from only a sliver of that audience. If we’ve taken the average lead cost from $10 to less than $2 in during our testing… then chances are even the lower cost we see now is being handicapped by targeting age, gender, and placement groups that perform below average. We want to stop displaying ads to them and channel your funds to your winning demographic only.



Grow and Scale

Now that the core of the campaign has been built and refined we need to scale it. During the testing process, we are able to spend a decent amount of ad spend on testing different factors like audience, messaging, images, and demographics. Taking the single refined campaign and trying to dramatically ramp up ad spend to just that one, however, can be challenging. In week seven we systematically increase the advertising spend on your ideal campaign to your desired limit. Using our industry insights inthe Facebook Algorithm we raise ad spend in 24hr windows. All of this is accomplished with a variety of different techniques that allow us to hack our way around the typical lead cost increase that most advertisers see with increased budgets.


Landing Page Testing

In our final Stage, we begin to test your campaign’s landing pages. There are two reasons we wait until the final week to do this. The first is because we want to wait until the ideal audience, messaging, and imagery is locked in. Not only do we learn a ton during the testing of those elements that can help us with the landing pages, but we also want to make sure the improvements in the landing page help you with the right people. The second reason is because we need a high volume of leads to test the pages. If we were to test your landing pages earlier on in the process you’d be paying exponentially more to get the same data. For example, 100 leads at $5 would be $500, whereas 100 leads at $1 would only cost you $100.

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