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To date we've helped our clients achieve a combined $17.4 million in sales and counting from our lead generation efforts.

We were sceptical at first, but we quickly saw huge surge of patients. Antoine and the Meridian Group played a key role in the success of our business and they allowed us to open a second location. If you've previously worked with a traditional marketing agency you'll be pleasantly surprised at the attention to detail, the results and the availability of the Meridian Group by comparison.

Priya Maloni
Physio DNA

Within 3 months, we added $340,000 of solid opportunity value in our pipeline. looks like I have closed one deal already, have another global client taking references, and I have about 20 executives that I have been communicating with wanting to speak with me in January/February (CMO, CDO, and VP Sales Director level).Great job, well done! If you are committed to drive growth, you want to speak to Antoine and his team.

Yury Bichkov
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